A temptress who will seduce you,
Sweet Josie
is crafted in the American Brown style. This is a complex beer balancing a nice hop bitterness with a generous amount of chocolate and aromatic malts.

ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 30
SRM: 22.6


    • Gold, Great American Beer Festival
    • Gold, Carolina Championship of Beer
    • Bronze, US Open Beer Championship
    • Bronze, New York International Beer Competition
    • Gold, Beverage Tasting Institute

Brewer’s Notes

Josie is a favorite around the brewery. When the brewers are mashing in or boiling Josie, you can tell from the rich smell in the air and the smiles on our faces.  Our head brewer has one every time he sees it on draft, to make sure it’s tasting as good as it should. So if he walks in to your bar, go ahead and pour him one. He was going to order it anyways.

She wanted to remember. As much as she had suppressed those memories they are a part of who she is now. As the train leaves the station and rumbles rhythmically through the terrain Josie stares out the window of her first class cabin. “That won’t do”, she says to herself, breaking away from the hypnotic gaze of the night. Her mark will be here soon and even though she is confident it never behooves her to be unprepared…. To learn more about her story, read it in our blog

Sweet Josie Media Kit

Learn more about Sweet Josie by downloading the media kit. Coming Soon