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Peacemaker is a west coast style American Pale Ale that uses several hop varieties to produce a unique and bountiful hop aroma with a balanced bitterness. A special blend of American and European malts make this a very well rounded, characterful beer.

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 47
SRM: 7.8


  • Bronze, Carolina Championship of Beers (2010, 2011)
  • Gold, Beverage Tasting Institute

Brewer’s Notes

This beer was designed for the person that loves hops and IPA’s, but wants a refreshing, clean, less bitter, less alcohol ale for the end of the work day or for a drinking session.  Peacemaker is a thirst quenching ale packed with layers of flavor.


The stranger walked into the town. He was dropped off in a carriage and he waved his ride goodbye. The sun was wistfully casting its last light on the town and it seemed as if deviation from ordinary in this sleepy town was frowned upon. He could hear the voices coming from the local saloon and his feet trudged upon the unfamiliar ground looking for a meal and some libation…. To learn more about his story, read it in our blog

Peacemaker Media Kit

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