Deadeye Jack

A wandering Lonerider, never staying in one place too long. Deadeye Jack represents our seasonal porter consisting of a strong malty background with hints of roasted chocolate, subtle sweetness and low hop bitterness. 6.0% ABV.



  • Silver, Great American Beer Festival
  • Gold, US Open (2011, 2012, 2014)
  • Gold, Carolina Championship of Beers (2010)
  • Bronze, Carolina Championship of Beers (2014)
  • Gold, US Open Beer Championship
  • Silver, New York International Beer Competition 


True Britt

Behind this well-mannered facade lies the heart of an outlaw. True Britt is an English-style session ale that combines spicy hop flavors with a bready, malt backbone. Always trying to stay one step ahead of the law, True Britt is never one to stick around town too long. So enjoy this pub favorite before it’s gone. 4.8% ABV


The Preacher

The Preacher’s sharp blue eyes have seen too many sins. This Belgian-style Saison is created with an American twist. A spicy, fruity ale with a bright citrus hop kick.7.7% ABV


Mad Doc

The sullen look hides the cunning of a true genius. Mad Doc represents our high gravity wheat beer with classic banana and clove notes along with rich dark malts and noble German hops. 7.5% ABV


Red Spur

Spur is the girl you take home to your parents. Pouring a beautiful red hue, this full bodied ale strikes a balance between lots of hop and caramel malts. Hopped with Centennial and Columbus, Red Spur is full of flavor and complexity. 7.3% ABV


Addie’s Revenge

Revenge is the sweetest thing, especially when Addie gets to it. She represents our Outlawed Release IPA. An abundance of citrusy hops make up the nose and flavor of this gold-colored ale, rounded our perfectly with pale vienna and crystal malts. 6.6% ABV


  • Silver, Carolina Championship of Beers


As honest as a midsummer evening. Eve represents our session Amber Ale, a refreshing beer that balances sweet Pilsner and Crystal malts with citrusy and earthy hops.


  • Bronze, Beverage Tasting Institute

The Hops You Rode In On

The Hopes You Rode In On is our brewers take on a session ale. It’s a refreshing, easy to drink ale that tastes like the Amarillo and Columbus hops used to brew it.  4.4% ABV

Tombstone Reserve

This could be your huckleberry. Boasting flavors from chocolate and rye malts, Tombstone Reserve Rye Stout is our oak aged winter most wanted.. The addition of flaked rye adds an earthy character in this full bodied stout that finishes smooth. Further aging in bourbon oak spirals gives it even more complexity and depth.  5.3% ABV